Trip in Rome – Free info for your vacation

Trip in Rome - tourist blog - Free info for your vacation

Picture of Rome by night

Trip in Rome, twenty years old experience in Roman hotels, tourist blog.

In side the Trip in Rome – tourist blog, you may find useful information (all you need) to improve you vacation in the eternal city.

  • How to find lower hotelrates.


  • Wich is the convenient period to program your vacation.


  • Wich are the days of free entrance in the state museums.
  • Wen will the Vatican museums apply free rates.


  • Acceptable taxi rates for airports and see Harbour.


  • Discounts and free drinks in several typical restaurants.


  • iPlaces to visit: opening hours, maps, busis and subway.


  • Apdated articles every week about the main events.


Trip in Rome – tourist blog – all you need

Info about the City:


  • You can easily walk from site to site. They are close together and you can see wonderful squares and churches along the way.


  • If you get lost, don’t worry – getting lost in Rome is different to anywhere else, and you discover lovely places.


  • The best way to discover the City is to use the Metro and buses strategically and walk the rest of the time.


  • There’s a strict dress code at religious sites, where shoulders must be covered and shorts and skirts should be down to the knee.


Trip in Rome – tourist blog – all you need

Info about me

Dumitru Novac Revenue & Digital Marketing Manager was born on a Tuesday in April 1972 and opened Trip in Rome -tourist blog in March 2018

Dumitru Novac

Fourth child of a couple of farmers, he grew up in a country village lost in

the shade of a vulcanic mountain.


His childhood was filled with attention and love, marked by poverty but happy nevertheless, it was followed by teenage years made of dreams and doubts.


As soon as he became of age his journey started: “Viaggio in prima classe”, the title of his book.


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Dumitru Novac

About Dumitru Novac

Nato in un martedì d'aprile del 1972, quarto figlio di una coppia di contadini, sono cresciuto in un paesino sperduto sotto le ombre di una montagna vulcanica. Ho avuto un'infanzia piena di attenzioni e amore, segnata dalla povertà, comunque felice, seguita di un'adolescenza fatta di sogni e incertezze. Appena maggiorenne è iniziato il viaggio: "Viaggio in prima classe", il titolo del mio libro.

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